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Conceptualize , visualize and realize is basically conceive, imagine and fabricate.

In a complex production, such as executing an international brand campaign, where there's multiple agency involvement, more than one production company, and several sub-clients, all with attending and sometimes different interests, clarity is sometimes lost. There is a mission creep of undisciplined thought. Good ideas and concepts weaken.

In such a case, the first job of the designer is to rediscover the essential objective that unites the various interests, dispel the blur of development, and focus on true intent. From this clarity comes process, and with that comes solutions. The un-doable is often rendered doable, not by some brilliant high-tech application, or by throwing money at a problem (though each may play its part), but by understanding time and its all too finite role in the production process.

Design is applied intellect. It is not a computer application. Art, like science, is intellect of some sort. As a fine artist, as well as a scenographer, my understanding of the nature of perception and visual logic, ideation, clarity, imagination and conceptual visualization informs everything I do. That continual knowledge comes with me—it doesn't have a binary switch. The choices I make on behalf of a client are informed by a sensibility reaching across disciplines.

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Side Line Dancers
portfolio images
Space Bucket
space bucket 2
space bucket 2B
space bucket interior test
land plat visualization
land plat visualization 2
land plat visualization 3
Multi Media Set Studio Design 1
Multi Media Set Studio Design 2
Multi Media Set Studio Design 3
Multi Media Set Studio Design 4
Multi Media Set Studio Design 5
Multi Media Set Studio Design 6
Multi Media Set Studio Gantry
NFL Field Stages 1
NFL Field Stages 2
NFL Field Stages 3
NFL Field Stages 4
NFL Field Stages 5
Future House 1
Future House Set 2
Future House Set 3
Future House Set 4
News Set Elements 1
News Set Elements 2
News Set Elements 3
News Set Elements 4
News Set Elements 5
News Set Elements 6
Toon Harvester 1
CSN Art 2
CSN Art 3
Car in a Snow Globe
Sea of Balls
Sea of Balls 2
Sea Of Balls 3
NFL Field Stage Show 1
NFL Field Stage Show 2
NFL Field Stage Show 3
NFL Field Stage Show 4
NFL Field Stage Show 5
NFL Field Stage Show 6
NFL Field Stage Show 7
NFL Pro Bowl 50
NFL Pro Bowl 50 2
Nest 1
Nest 2
Nest 3
Lunar Module Discovery 1
Lunar Module Discovery 2
House Visualization 1
Nest Door Test Visualization 1
NFL SuperBowl Stage Visualization 1
NFL SuperBowl Stage 2
NFL SuperBowl Stage 3
NFL Haltime Show Visualization 1
NFL Field Art 1
NFL Anthem Stage 1
NFL Pro Bowl Stage Design 1
Art Wall Visualization
NFL Super Bowl Stage Visualization
NFL Super Bowl Stage Visualization 2
Pro Bowl Field Show 1
Pro Bowl Field Show 2
Yellow Set Design Visualization
Adyen On Set3
Adyen Yello to Blue Set
Yellow Set Design Visualization 2
Adyen On Set1
Adyen On Set

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