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denis lonergan:

B&D Wrench Set

Calico Jack

All videos and production samples are the result of a collective creative process that includes the contributions of numerous craftspersons and artists. The usage of these is to cite my personal contribution to these projects and not to claim any credit beyond the scope of my contributions.

Slideshow and a few videos highlighting some  past projects.

Design & Visualization are not the same thing, but they do blend into a unified process. Visualization is not only essential to communication across disciplines, but is also an age-old form of concept testing.

The first job of a designer is to discover the line that connects various concerns: adapt to a client's needs, grasp the essential nature behind a story, scene or brand.

Square Set

B&D Drill Set

Copyright © Denis Lonergan. All rights reserved on all personal designs. Portfolio clips and other media used to cite contributions to projects fall under the doctrine of Fair Use.